Begin by taking slow, deep breaths,

inhaling and exhaling through your nose.

Breath down into the depths of your body,

Allow this breath to bring you

into awareness of this present moment

become aware

of any emotions you're feeling

in this moment.

any sadness,



or whatever emotions are present.

Notice where they in your body.

Imagine these emotions as waves—

rising and falling.

Notice the sensations

in the waves?

tension, or tightness

heaviness or pain

try not to make the suffering

fit in words

try not to describe

but to feel it

in this moment

as a wave

rising and falling

As you inhale,

let your breath expand

into areas of discomfort.

let it rise

As you exhale,

release and soften.

let it fall

Imagine this as a waves—

rising and falling.

coming and going

letting the anchor of your breath

reach deep into your ground

as the waves of emotion

waves of sensation

rise and fall

Bring to mind the source of your grieving.

As you slowly inhale

notice your heart warmed by love and compassion for the source.

As you exhale, release any pain or sorrow

visualize yourself letting go of the weight of grief.

Picture it as a feather that you release into the wave,

watching it float away.

the tide of your grief is

rising and falling

rising and falling

rising and falling

as you experience a range of emotions.

Be gentle with yourself

as you navigate through your grief.

let your breath be your anchor.