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Number 1


Portland, Oregon

In this, our inaugural issue, we have explored Worry in Portland, Oregon. Our resultant sonic landscape includes something of a guided meditation, your letters to the editors, and a gorgeous original song by Portland musician Purrbot.

We also got wind of a group of rad kids who hosted a pride event at their school because some of their peers were feeling unsafe. We asked them to interview each other, and that’s in there too.

Ultimately, we’re thankful and deeply moved by the vulnerability and honesty of all those who contributed.

Worry is no small thing, and to have it shared with us like this feels special in a we’re-at-a-loss-for-words kinda way. Thank you for being here, for sharing, and for listening.

Extra special thanks to Nicole Evans, facilitator extraordinaire, and to all of our lovely contributors. We could not have done it without you.

With love (and thoughts, and feelings),

Amber & Zulema